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dentist loughborough

Are you searching for your local dentist in Loughborough? Do you require a check-up but you’re scared or anxious of the process? Are you aware of the treatment you need but put off by unaccommodating staff and intimidating looking equipment? Then fear not, Thurmaston Dental Practice is here for you!

With a fantastic team of dedicated dentists, nurses and receptionists we strive to ensure our patients receive a peaceful enjoyable journey from start to finish. Regardless of the treatment you require we will provide it to the highest professional standard and greatest standard of care. Offering a wide range of dental procedures spanning from a basic check-up to dentures and root canal we are the dentist for you.

Going to your local dentist no longer needs to be such a daunting task, come visit us here at Thurmaston Dental and we will get that smile on your face.

Dental Services across Loughborough

There are many dental services available at Thurmaston Dental Practice. Our team of leading dentists cover Loughborough and the surrounding areas. Let our team bring a smile to your face with the services we have to offer. Below is a list of a few dentistry treatments we can provide to you.

Dentures – Commonly used to replace a large number of missing teeth, dentures come as full sets or part sets. The type of denture you will need depends on your requirements.

Braces – Are you not happy with your teeth? We offer a range of teeth straightening services to bring the confidence of a smile back to your face. If your teeth are overcrowding, growing out of place or you are not happy, we can cater to all requirements.

Teeth Implants – No one likes to have missing teeth. At Thurmaston Dental we offer a wide range of artificial teeth that cover any gaps you may have. Not only do they look real, but they are easy to fit.

Fillings – Missing a filling? Looking for a new white filling to provide a healthier, natural smile? If so, white fillings are the answer. Silver fillings are the past, let Thurmaston Dental provide you with brand new white fillings that are discrete.

Crowns and Bridges – Dental crowns and bridges are made to measure and fit as a cap over your tooth. Made from either porcelain or metal, they fit perfectly over your tooth stopping food and unwanted dirt from entering.

Veneers – Have you got problems with stained or chipped teeth? We use ultra-thin shells made of enamel-like porcelain to discreetly hide any chips, gaps, short teeth and stained teeth to create a veneer for you.

Emergency Dental – Do you require an emergency dentist? At Thurmaston Dental we offer emergency dental cover throughout Leicester.

As leading dentists in Loughborough, we are happy to help! If you require more information on the dental services we have to offer, get in touch with our team on 0116 260 2515.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

The treatment was very simple and straight forward. The dentist was great in explaining all the procedures. I was very reassured and relaxed

P. Remnant
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