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Dental Bridges Leicster

Missing Tooth Solutions

Looking for Dental Bridges Leicester? Thurmaston Dental can help. Here at Thurmaston Dental we provide many different missing tooth solutions such as dental bridges. A Dental Bridge bridges the gap that has been created by missing teeth. A bridge is created from two or more crowns on either side of the gap. Many people will experience tooth loss within their lifetime whether that is due to decay or a trauma. One solution to cover the area of the missing tooth is to get a bridge. There are three different types of dental bridge you can have and all of which are available here at Thurmaston Dental in Leicester.

    Traditional Dental Bridges

  • A tradition bridge is when a crown is created for either sides of where your missing tooth is and a replacement tooth for where your missing tooth is, so it essentially looks like three teeth in a row and the crowns cover your existing teeth. Having a traditional bridge is the most common type of tooth replacement; they can be made out of porcelain fused to metal or ceramics.

    Cantilever Bridges

  • Much like the traditional bridge a cantilever bridge is when a crown is created however a cantilever bridge is when there is only a tooth on one side of the missing tooth. It is a singular crown to attach to an existing tooth.

    Resin-bonded/Maryland bonded Bridges

  • A plastic tooth attached to an artificial gum, supported by a metal framework with hooks that attach to your existing teeth. The procedure for this type of bridge is quicker as there is no crown involved. Your dentist will create the Maryland bonded bridge to suit the space of your missing tooth and it should clip in nicely, however, over time you might notice it will start to move around if your resin isn’t strong enough.

Procedure of getting a bridge

Getting a dental bridge will involve a couple of trips to the dentist depending on which bridge you will be having fitted. A mould will be created of your teeth and you might even have an x-ray, this will determine what your tooth structure is and the situation of the gum tissue where your missing tooth was.

Removable Dental Implants

A removeable dental implant such as a bridge help to restore your smile and confidence as well as restoring your ability to chew properly, improve speech, maintain the shape of your face, and can prevent your natural teeth from getting out of position.

Partial Dentures in Leicestershire

Teeth can be replaced in many different ways with the increasing technology used within dentistry. The type of replacement will depend on the condition of your gum and surrounding teeth. A dental bridge acts as a partial denture as they are removable fake teeth essentially. It is really important to look after your dental bridge and the way to do this is to brush any food that is on it, soak it in an effervescent dental solution and then brush it again to clean the solution off. This will leave your bridge fresh. If you do notice a build-up of scale, we can help clean this off.

We recommend that you take your dental bridge out overnight to allow your gum to rest but be sure to leave it in water so that it doesn’t crack or warp. If you would like any more information on our dental bridges in Leicester, discuss the process or costs involved get in touch with our friendly team today! Here at Thurmaston Dental in Leicester, we also offer services that include same day crowns, veneers, broken teeth treatment and many other services.

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