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Dentists in Leicester

Here at Thurmaston Dental, we provide a wide variety of dental treatments to both NHS and private patients. As dentists in Leicester, your oral health is our priority.

Our dental practice here in Leicestershire offers NHS dental services that include regular check-ups, orthodontic treatments and more. We believe that everyone deserves to show off their smile which is why we have a wide variety of different tooth restoration treatments for both our private and NHS patients. We take pride in all dental work we carry out, we have a team of skilled, friendly dentists that use state-of-the-art technology to ensure all customers get the best possible service and care whether you are having a teeth whitening service, having crowns fitted or getting your six month smile. We provide a full range of affordable NHS dental treatments and private treatments tailored to your needs.

We invest in the latest technologies to ensure pain-free treatment because we understand that most people feel anxious when they go to the dentist and our aim is to put you at ease. We will talk you through your treatment in full to make sure that you’re are making the correct decision as well as giving you reassurance.

Private Dentists Leicester

If you are looking for Private Dentist in Leicester, here at Thurmaston Dental we provide a range of private dental services in and around the Leicestershire area. We offer an extensive range of private dental services at our Leicester Dentist clinic including cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, implant and teeth whitening treatments, as well as many other dental services.

Your own private dentist will see you at each appointment allowing you to build a closer relationship and help you feel more relaxed when coming to the dentist. Becoming a private patient you will be able to have more flexibility with your appointments, you will also have longer appointment times so that we can discuss your oral health in detail, you will also have a wider range of treatments available.

Our private dental services are much more than just providing you with treatment, we work with you to maintain your oral health offering personalised care that is tailored to you. Our private dentistry service is perfect for anyone looking for more choice. You’ll be in safe hands as each service is carried out by trained and friendly professionals.

So if you are looking for a Private Dentist in Leicester or looking for an affordable NHS dentist, contact Thurmaston Dental and book an appointment with our friendly team of professionals!Or join our dental plan.

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Soloman Paul Football Manager Highfield Rangers

At Thurmaston Dental, our staff are dedicated to providing excellence in dentistry. With the latest technology, specialist dentists, and friendly support staff, we are committed to making you smile. Our patients are always at the heart of everything we do, helping us make Thurmaston Dental a family friendly clinic where patients can relax before, during and after treatments. Our team of dentists sit down with you and answer any questions or queries you may have before your treatment. Our goal is to ensure that all our patients have strong, healthy gums and teeth.

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Our Expertise

General Dentistry

We look after the oral health of our patients, by preventing disease and providing treatments when necessary.

We provide all types of preventative treatments for our patients from regular hygiene cleans, to root canal treatments, tooth whitening and much more.

Tooth whitening

We all want to look great and feel confident. Teeth are so important for us and our general wellbeing.

That’s why we offer teeth whitening treatment to those who value having healthy looking teeth.

To find out more, simply give us a call. And remember if you are an exclusive plan member then you’ll get the treatment at a discounted rate. Read More..

Invisible Braces

If you want your teeth straightened and don’t want traditional braces you can either have the 6-month smile treatment – straight teeth in 6 months; or the Invisalign treatment – invisible aligners.

Same day tooth restoration

We are at the forefront of technology. We have a state-of-the-art Cerec machine that will allow our experts to restore your damaged tooth on the same day. The whole process takes 90 minutes. Read More..