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6 Month Smile – What it involves

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6 Month Smile – What it involves

Why choose Six Month Smile?

If you want straighter teeth and that perfect smile but don’t want to where bold braces for over a year then Six Month Smile is for you!

A six-month smile brace is revolutionary. It takes the best parts of a traditional brace but has been modified to only take six months (hence the name!) However, depending on your teeth it could take slightly longer or in some cases shorter than six months.

Some adults may have missed out on having the traditional braces when they were a teenager and don’t want to have the chunky silver wired braces. This type of brace can also be time-consuming with regular appointments that interfere with work and social activities.

Six Month Smile uses ‘tooth coloured’ wires and brackets to blend in with your teeth and can only be seen when you smile. Most people assume that because it can be done in six months it means that it is a normal process but rushed. That is not the case! Six Month Smile is an innovative way of achieving straight teeth without cutting the corners. Getting a Six Month Smile is ideal for people who have a big event coming up in their life such as a wedding or graduation.

Do I need to get braces?

• Overcrowding Teeth – Sometimes teeth look squished and crowded.
• Overbite – The front top teeth overlap the bottom by a considerable amount.
• Spacing – Large gaps can cause plaque build-up if it can’t easily be reached by normal day to day cleaning.
• Overjet – The first front teeth jut out of place.
• Underbite – The bottom teeth overlap the top
• Openbite – If you bite your teeth together and your front teeth, top and bottom, don’t touch it is called an openbite

There are many different questions people have regarding the Six Month Smile such as ‘will it affect my speech?’ the answer to that is no. Patients may find it unusual to have the braces in at first and it might take an initial week for you to adjust, so there might be a slight difference in the way you talk but this doesn’t last for long.

Six Month Smile Pros:
• Quick
• Discreet
• Affordable

Six Month Smile Cons:
• Some discomfort
• Time could stretch over the 6-month mark if teeth are in a worse condition

If you are considering getting a Six Month Smile then get in touch with Thurmaston Dental today! We offer free consultations to discuss your individual needs.

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