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Here at Thurmaston Dental, our bespoke affordable dentistry plans cost from as little as 26p per day (£8.25 per month). Become a Plan Patient at one of the most advanced practices in Leicester and be entitled to:

Have evening and weekend appointments (subject to availability)

Lots of our patients lead busy lives. Many are professionals with lots of responsibility at work, and at home. For them convenience is King – we understand that! That’s why we offer appointments after 5pm and on Saturdays.

All examinations and hygiene appointments are covered

We believe in prevention. We don’t want our plan patients to have the need to see us when they have a poor oral health before they come and see us. We want to prevent as much as we can. That’s why all examinations and hygiene appointments are covered as a sure way to ensure you remain orally fit. Plus we can spot potential problems beforehand so we can tackle them well in advance.

Personal Care Coordinator (PCC)

Your PCC is your personal point of contact at the practice. He or she will literally meet you at the front door - look after all your needs, and always keep you informed. They will be clinically aware, and can advise on best options for any treatments you may require. Furthermore, their job is to provide affordable dentistry for you, and so can advise on finance too.

10% off all treatments

Dental pain or unattractive teeth can really affect our day-to-day lives. You never know when you will need treatment. Some of these treatments can be costly. So as a plan patient you can be rest assured that you will receive a minimum of 10% off any treatment you require.

Your own dentist

On the plan you will get to see the same dentist every time. It is important to build a healthy relationship with your dentist. They need to understand who you are, what lifestyle you lead, what aspirations you have for your health, and it is their job to treatment plan so that you can achieve all your dental goals.

12 months interest free credit on treatments over £499

Some treatments can be expensive. At Thurmaston Dental Practice we pride ourselves on providing affordable dentistry. So, on all treatments costing more than £499, we not only offer 10% off, but you can apply for interest free credit for 12 months. This will mean that you can have your treatment now, and pay slowly over a longer period making it affordable. Your PCC can help you with these decisions.

If you want to join the plan, please call or email our Privilege Plan Coordinator, Liz Wells now, and ask to join our plan.
CALL 0116 260 2515 

Interested in our finance options? Click here to learn more about our plans

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