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If your tooth chips or breaks it may not hurt, however, if a large tooth breaks in half it may cause severe pain and discomfort. At Thurmaston Dental we help restore your broken teeth services in Leicester and surrounding areas. As you break your teeth, the pain can be unbearable, and you may require emergency dental treatment. Chewing and biting can be painful, leaving you in constant pain, or pay when chewing, it is recommended you see a dentist as soon as possible

The first thing to do when you have a broken tooth is see a dentist, they can then determine the cause of the break, and if a nerve is in danger. A damaged nerve may mean you require a root canal treatment.

What are the different types of broken tooth?

A tooth fracture is one of the common names to describe a range of broken teeth, with some cases being serious. Some teeth breaks will require emergency dentist treatment, whereas with some tooth chips you can get away seeing a dentist after a few days.

Broken Teeth Leicester

Chipped Tooth

When a tooth chips the most common cause is that the outer layer of protective enamel may be damaged. This could mean that the inner pulp of the tooth may not have been damaged. Therefore you may not require emergency dentist treatment. Some people may feel confident if they attend a dentist visit to help fix the chip. Chipped teeth rarely cause pain or sensitivity for patients and can easily be repaired.

Surface Crack

Over time you may start to see some small cracks appear on your teeth; some could look worse that others. Some people will have surface cracks in the enamel on one or two teeth. Although it is unlikely you need dentist treatment, it is recommended you notify your dentist.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is the most common injury and can be painful. If a tooth breaks the root tends to remain in place and the inner pulp of the tooth will be protected by the outer layers. There are cases where the nerves and blood are left open with flesh showing, leaving patients with instant pain. It is recommended you keep the broken tooth and see a dentist in an emergency, as they will try to cement the tooth back on.

We also provide Root Canal Services. For more information on any of our Dental Services, get in touch.

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I have read and understood this website's privacy policy
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