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Here at Thurmaston Dental, we have cutting-edge innovation in dentistry means that patients spend less time in the chair, with less discomfort and ever improving, high-quality results. CEREC 3D is one technology breakthrough that allows dental practitioners to quickly restore damaged teeth with natural-coloured ceramic fillings, veneers or crowns. The CEREC system utilises modern CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing) technologies, incorporating a camera, medical grade computer and milling machine in one smooth process.

Tooth Restorations in a single visit


    The entire process, on average, lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. This means you can walk out with a beautiful new smile the same day, after just a single appointment.

    The Benefits of Same Day Crowns

    1. The dental practitioner will guide you through the CEREC process and discuss the benefits of the treatment.
    2. Decayed tissue or defective fillings are removed. A 3D image of the tooth is then created using a CEREC camera.
    3. The restoration is designed on the monitor of the CEREC acquisition unit.
    4. The CEREC milling unit machines the custom restoration out of a ceramic block.
    5. The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth.

What does this innovation mean for you, the patient?

  • No Conventional Impressions – The CEREC camera takes a precise measurement of the damaged tooth, eliminating the need for cumbersome and unpleasant impression moulds.
  • No Temporaries – Restorations are milled out of a solid ceramic block in just a few minutes, ready to be placed immediately. This eliminates the need for temporary fillings and crowns.
  • No Long Waiting Periods – Only a single appointment is required, saving you valuable time.

The restoration is natural-looking, compatible with tissue in the mouth, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. Dental practitioners no longer need to create temporaries or take impressions and send them to a lab. As a result, the traditional second visit has been eliminated. The CEREC process has over a decade of clinical research and documentation to support the technology. The restorations have been proven precise, safe, durable and effective. For crowns in Leicester get in touch today.

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It was unbelievable and totally pain-free. Thrilled with the difference made to my smile

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I have read and understood this website's privacy policy
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