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Do you feel like your cheeks feel down and need an uplift? Are there shadows around your nose? At Thurmaston Dental we offer cheek enhancement in Leicester and surrounding areas, with the help of dermal fillers. The cheek bone is the popular part of the face people tend to carry out enhancing treatments. As you naturally age, your cheeks begin to loose their radiance and start to sag, with the help of latest technology, let our team of professionals help bing back like into your cheeks.

Cheek enhancement procedure helps to bring life and rejuvenate your cheeks, without the pain of surgical operations. With the help of painless dermal fillers, improve the appearance of your cheeks and reduce the signs of ageing with our safe range of procedures.

Cheek Enhancement Procedure and Aftercare

The procedure after-affect usually lasts for 12 – 18 months. It will help add lift and fullness to your cheeks with one simple procedure. One of our trained professionals will simply apply anesthetic cream on the surrounding area and gently rub in. Once the anesthetic cream takes effect, several small injections containing dermal filler are injected. Once all injections are complete, your cheeks will start to fill out evenly, bringing a glow back to your cheeks making them feel youthful.

We have been offering cheek enhancement in Leicester for numerous years. We provide all patients with free aftercare to ensure they receive the maximum benefits from their procedure. Once the procedure is complete, please refrain from touching and rubbing the treated area. Please also refrain from exposing the area to high or low temperatures.

Looking to sculpt your cheeks bones and restore your cheeks to your youthful appearance? Get in touch with our team of professionals who are here to help. Get your free consultation where we offer you honest, free advice.

Cheek Enhancement Leicester

Why Choose Thurmaston Dental

As the leading dentists in Leicester, we have thousands of happy customers we provide high-quality dentistry. Below are just a few reasons why you should choose us:

Specialists – We have dedicated dentists that are specialists in their area. These dentists go through additional five years training in their specialised area.

24 Hour Emergency Service – At Thurmaston Dental we understand you may require emergency treatment; therefore we always have a specialist in hand 24/7.

Modern Technology – We use the latest technology to help us carry out the best dental services.

If you are looking for cheek enhancement Leicester, get in touch with Thurmaston dental via phone or email. We also offer Lip Fillers.

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I have read and understood this website's privacy policy
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