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Did You Know That These 5 Foods Are Good For Your Teeth?

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Did You Know That These 5 Foods Are Good For Your Teeth?

Most of us know that sugary drinks and foods are among the worst for your teeth. There are lots of articles that tell you what foods and drinks to steer clear from and what they do to your teeth and gums, but have you ever thought about what foods and drinks you should be consuming more of, for healthier teeth and gums?

We have listed some of these food sources below:

1. Apples

A lot of people instantly think that Apples can’t be good for teeth. Sure, they are a fruit eaten by many and they are healthy but they are acidic so do more harm than good? Well, the high acidity in apples is actually good as they help neutralise the harmful acids! They are also packed full of vitamins to keep your gums healthy. Strawberries can also act in that same manner as well as keeping your teeth stain free.

2. Raw Onion

A few of you are probably wincing at the thought but raw onion is a great bacteria fighting food that is incredibly healthy. It will kill bacteria on your teeth helping to keep them strong and white. The only downside is that you may need some chewing gum afterwards, but chewing gum itself can not only make your breath smell nice but the constant chewing speeds up saliva productions which helps naturally rinse away acids.

3. Yoghurt

Dairy is another good source, so Yoghurt, Cheeses and Milk. Cheese is great for keeping strong teeth and bones and also keeping pH levels balanced. Yoghurt on the other hand strengthens enamel and also helps to repair it.

4. Seeds

Seeds such as sesame seeds are a great way to remove plaque from your teeth, they can get into the tightest of places and they don’t do any harm to your teeth.  They are also packed with calcium!

5. Carrots

Raw carrots to be specific are an incredible food for keeping your teeth well maintained and strong. Chewing on sticks of the orange stuff helps your teeth and your gums, and they also act as a plaque removal food being high in keratin, as well as being high in Vitamin A.

Whether you can see in the dark is another story!

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