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How Frequently Should You Visit the Dentist?

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How Frequently Should You Visit the Dentist?

The first step to keeping a healthy smile and teeth is to find a good dentist that your family is comfortable with. After that, you need to make sure you visit the dentist regularly for routine checkups and dental care.

How often should you visit the dentist?

As far as professional cleaning and dental exams go, you should visit a dentist at least twice a year. It does not matter how good you are at brushing or how long you take to brush. You should have your teeth cleaned by a dentist at least once every six months to prevent dental disease and keep your teeth clean.

While this is the general rule of thumb, the truth is, we are all different and some people might require more visits to the dentist than others. The best approach is to discuss the issue with your dentist and let him tell you how often you need to visit the dentist for proper dental care. The same goes for your family. It is also important to note that at different stages of your life, the frequency of visits to the dentist might change and other factors like pregnancy might also affect how often you visit the dentist.

On a regular visit, your dentist will check for any signs of cavities and gum disease. Identifying such problems early makes it easier for the dentist to treat them before they become more serious. By visiting a dentist regularly you will also be able to set a good example for your children and other members of your family which will improve your dental health for a long time.

Extra Care

There are other occasions where you might need to visit a dentist other than on your regular visits. Symptoms like pain or other sudden symptoms like tooth sensitivity or pain, when chewing or swelling in the face, should be addressed by a dentist hence call for an extra visit.

It is also important for you or even your children to schedule a visit with a dentist if you have been diagnosed with a condition that might affect your dental health like Diabetes. You should also regularly check your children’s mouth for signs of trauma because they are not able to speak out and explain what is bothering them.

When should you start visiting a dentist?

The earlier the visits to a dentist start, the easier it is going to be for children to get acclimatized to the procedures and exam. It is recommended that your child should have their first visit to a dentist six months after their first tooth has appeared. Regular checkups will help to avoid decaying of teeth, gum disease and will also help your kids get more comfortable with dental tools and sitting in the dental chair.

For strong and healthy teeth, regular visits to the dentist are a must. It can help to prevent future oral problems and will also go a long way in ensuring that your family has healthy teeth and you will impact a culture of healthy choices for your children with regards to their oral health.

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