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How Liquorice Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Respiratory System Working

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How Liquorice Can Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Respiratory System Working

Probably one of the last things that you would expect to do more good than bad is liquorice. We tend to think of liquorice as a form of sweet made popular by the assorted liquorice confectionery sold as a mixture. These sweets were made of liquorice, sugar, coconut, and aniseed jelly. We never realise the health benefits associated with liquorice.

Liquorice root, which looks more like a tree twig than something edible and sweet tasting, has been around for centuries and can help everything from stomach pain, respiratory problems, stress, cancer and protecting your skins and teeth.

Stomach Problems

If you are suffering from a bout of food poisoning, heartburn or stomach ulcers then the liquorice root can help bring things back in balance thanks to its immune-balancing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cleansing Your Respiratory System

Taking liquorice can actually help your body produce health mucus and by increasing phlegm production you are getting rid of the old, sticky mucus by recharging it with a healthy substitute.

Helping Tooth Decay

As well as helping other areas of your body liquorice has many antibacterial properties and therefore it can also help kill bacteria from your mouth and also leave your breath smelling fresh thanks to its pungent odour.

How Do I Take Liquorice?

There are many ways you can take Liquorice, but the most common is the extract from a liquorice root which you can buy at local health stores. The second is through powder which is more commonly used for skin conditions where it is mixed with a gel to help relive acne and eczema.

The third typically way of taking liquorice is via tea, a method that was used in ancient Egypt as a source of all cures. The leaves from a liquorice plants are dried and then crushed into a tea. You don’t need to visit health stores to buy these; they are available in local supermarkets in the tea section.

Liquorice tea can help sore throats; relive digest problems and aid with any repertory problems you may have.

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