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    • 26 JUL 19
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    How Long Should I Brush My Teeth For?

    How Long Should I Brush My Teeth For?

    If you are concerned with good oral hygiene then brushing your teeth correctly is crucial in maintaining and preserving the health and life of your teeth and gums. When brushing your teeth you want to ensure you are getting your teeth cleaned properly. If you have poor oral hygiene it can lead to problems such as bad breath and cavities. But there are common misconceptions when it comes to how long you should actually brush your teeth for. Here at Thurmaston Dental we are often asked this question from people wishing to boost their oral hygiene routines. So just how long should I brush my teeth for?

    brushing your teeth

    Brushing Your Teeth

    The general consensus is that you should be brushing your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day. Naturally, the longer you brush your teeth for, the more build ups of plaque and food debris you will remove. Although two minutes does feel like a long time to be brushing your teeth, when done correctly you will notice the results. However, removing bacteria and food debris build ups from your teeth is only one step in an effective oral hygiene routine. Bacteria build ups also occur on your mouth’s interior, in areas such as the inside of your cheeks and on your tongue. To prevent issues such as bad breath and cavities you must clean all areas of your mouth effectively. Flossing once a day is also a critical step in maintaining your good oral hygiene. When all of these steps are followed correctly, two minutes doesn’t seem such a long time! It is also worth remembering that there is the possibility of over brushing. Sometimes people brush immediately after a meal or at midday. Brushing your teeth for too long or too often can ultimately lead to damage to your teeth.

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