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Orthodontist Leicestershire

Looking for an established Orthodontist in Leicester? Thurmaston Dental can help; we have trained dentists that are extremely passionate and dedicated to their profession. Orthodontic treatment involves helping to straighten crooked teeth that are out of shape. Having teeth out of shape, overcrowded teeth or out of place can cause problems when biting and can look unattractive. At Thurmaston Dental we help to bring back that smile to your face and improve the function of your bite.

Orthodontist Treatment for all ages

Orthodontic treatment is often associated with teenagers and children. However, treatment is suitable for patients of all ages; anyone and everyone can get their teeth straightened by our team of specialist dentists. Many adults suffer from overcrowded teeth or misaligned teeth because they did not receive treatment in their teen years. We have developed sophisticated technology that allows us to draw 3D digital images of your teeth, giving visual representations of your teeth before, during and after completion of the process.

Causes for wonky teeth

There are many different reasons for wonky teeth and gaps. The main reason could be that you have inherited the way your adult teeth come through which can’t be prevented but can be fixed. Another reason could be that you acquired a gap in between your two front teeth due to sucking your thumb when you were a child or the prolonged use of a dummy. Wonky teeth and having gaps are common and many people long for having a perfect smile, especially if they didn’t receive care when they were children or teenagers, but as dental care has evolved over the years, it is easy for adults to get straighter teeth more discreetly.

Having your teeth straightened is great for your oral health. When you have overcrowding and wonky teeth, it can become difficult to clean your teeth thoroughly which in turn can cause gum problems and in a worst case scenario tooth loss.

Orthodontic Treatment Process

As the leading Orthodontist in Leicestershire, we offer several different teeth straightening treatments which all have different treatment processes, which will be explained during your consultation appointment. Each treatment process starts with our team of trained orthodontics who will carry out a full examination of your teeth which can include checking your bite, taking a couple of measurements of your teeth, having a dental X-ray and possibly making moulds of your teeth. After assessing your situation, we will offer the best advice and recommendations on all of our available treatments to correct the alignment of your teeth. We give you details of how each dental process goes and what it involves including the cost of each treatment.

Six Month Smile Innovation

    • Clear Aligners – Invisalign are virtually invisible teeth aligners that help to straighten your teeth, yet fully removable to allow eating, drinking and brushing, which is why this process has become so popular, it doesn’t affect your day-to-day lifestyle, but it will give you a glowing smile as a result. As your teeth start to straighten, we replace your set of aligners with the next series. Week by week you will start to see your teeth aligning and improving. You will have to wear your aligner for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours a day for the treatment to be as efficient as possible. This process is ideal if you are looking for a solution that is discreet and won’t draw too much attention, we understand that many adults don’t want a bulky brace, each set of aligners are comfortable, clear and removable.


    • Six Month Smiles – The Six Month Smile process is made from using the latest technology to straighten your teeth. They use neutral coloured wires and brackets which are barely visible and blend into the colour of your teeth. You might be wondering how these braces can straighten your teeth in six months; the evolved technology used in dentistry has made it possible to align teeth in quicker timescales. In your mind you might be thinking that the process is simply just tightening your braces more often, this is not true! A six-month smile brace uses normal orthodontic procedures but with more emphasis on the appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite, which is what traditional metal braces are mainly used for. This treatment is recommended for people with a tight budget and tight time-scale. It is most popular with people who are getting married or have a big life event coming up and want to be able to smile confidently.


  • Fixed Traditional Braces – We offer the traditional wire braces where brackets and bands are temporarily attached to your teeth help straighten teeth. A flexible wire joins along the brackets; they are then tightened every few months to speed up the teeth straightening process. Fixed braces are designed to remain in position until treatment is finished which can be a minimum of a year. A slight disadvantage of this type of brace is that some people will find the brace digging into their cheeks and the metal will show when you smile. This form of brace is most common with teenagers to not only sort out gapping and wonky teeth but to sort out their bite, whether that is an overbite or under-bite.


How will I know what Orthodontic Treatment is right for me?

Here at Thurmaston Dental, we make sure you are making the correct decision, listing all of the pros and cons of each treatment. The decision is ultimately up to you however we are happy to answer any questions that you have about any of our treatments.

Does Orthodontic Treatment Hurt?

Many patients experience a small amount of discomfort during the initial stages, however over time as your teeth get accustomed, you generally don’t notice them. We understand that if you have a fixed brace, whether it is a traditional wire brace or a six-month smile, that when you eat it can be hard to keep your mouth clean, however, we do encourage patients to take extra care with oral health when taking treatment. It is recommended that you visit us regularly so that if anything does need tweaking on your brace, we can do so before any problems arise. We will offer recommendations and assistance in maintaining your teeth and gums while you are receiving Orthodontic treatments from us.

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

The most common question asked when patients are looking for Orthodontic treatment is how much will this cost? We discuss fully all of the costs involved in each process during your initial consultation as we understand everyone has different budgets and different orthodontic needs.As the leading Orthodontists in Leicester here at Thurmaston Dental, it is our priority to provide our customers with high-quality treatments and care. We want everyone to be able to smile with confidence as your smile is your best feature. Find out more how we can help you bring back that radiant smile: book an appointment with our team, call us on 0116 260 2515 or send us a message on the contact form.

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