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Root Canal Procedure: What You Need To Know

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Root Canal Procedure: What You Need To Know

Have you just received the dreaded news that you need a root canal? You may have heard frightening stories from friends and relatives about what happens but we can assure you that its simple, straight-forward and there is nothing to worry about.

We will go over some facts right here and talk you through the process of having a root canal.

Why Have I Been Told I Need a Root Canal?

Usually a deep infection within the tooth has damaged the root, this can come from a large cavity that hasn’t been filled or from an injury that has broken your tooth and injured the nerve. What will happen then is that the nerve of your tooth will become very sensitive, very inflamed and infected. The pain won’t just  go away, and unless you have a root canal you will suffer from constant pain.

Ok, So What Happens in a Root Canal Procedure?

Firstly, the dentist will make sure that the area is numbed by giving local anesthetic.  They will ask you if you can feel anything, usually by blowing cold air on the area. Once you are comfortable they will begin the process of cleaning the infection and unhealthy pulp out of the canals. Once this stage has been done they will shape the canals for the filling material. This is done with an endodontic file.

With the canals ready and clear of debris, a filling material will be used to plug and fill the canal. This method simply keeps the canals safe from any infections moving forwards.

The final step is to then fill the opening using a filling material. This is usually a temporary measure until a crown is placed over the top – a crown looks like a normal tooth and is essentially a cap that goes over the tooth. Some people chose to just have a permanent filling rather than a crown, this is a choice that is left up to you.

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