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How To Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain Immediately

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sensitive teeth pain

How To Stop Sensitive Teeth Pain Immediately

If you experience painful sensations while consuming cold drinks or food or brushing your teeth you may wonder how to immediately stop sensitive teeth pain. Fortunately, there are many ways to help avoid this discomfort by reducing tooth sensitivity. There are a few treatments you can use on your own and a few which are provided by your dentist.

Sensitive Teeth Home Remedies

There are several causes of tooth sensitivity. Often it happens due to tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn tooth enamel, worn fillings or tooth roots that are exposed after aggressive tooth brushing, gum recession, or periodontal (gum) disease. There are a few home treatments you can use while waiting for your doctor’s appointment:

Use a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Brushing teeth vigorously can easily cause dental problems, including sensitive teeth pain. Extra pressure on teeth can accidentally remove the tooth’s protective layer (enamel). Consequently, this exposes the extremely porous dentine of the teeth making them more sensitive. It’s important to use the right technique of tooth brushing to remove plaque and bacteria without harming the teeth. Otherwise, you may also expose the roots of your teeth which don’t have the protective layer on and therefore will react to hot, cold, and sweet foods.

We recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth which you can easily find in supermarkets and chemists. They don’t offer instant relief, but they are effective if used daily.

Toothbrushes for sensitive teeth pain
Soft toothbrushes can help avoid sensitive teeth pain

Make a saltwater mouthwash

A saltwater mouthwash is a great help when it comes to sensitive teeth. Since it balances the pH level inside the mouth and reduces bacterial growth. You can use it straight after eating, in the morning and at night before going to sleep alongside brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Sensitive Teeth Dental Treatments

If the above-mentioned treatments don’t seem to help your sensitive teeth pain, your dentist may offer the following:

High fluoride treatment

If your teeth are sensitive due to bad enamel erosion your dentist may prescribe a course of high-fluoride treatment. There are high fluoride products: toothpastes, mouthwashes available on prescription, that you can use for up to 3 months to get rid of sensitivity.

fluoride treatment for sensitive teeth pain
Fluoride treatment is highly effective to prevent sensitive teeth pain

Dental sealant treatment

If you have badly exposed tooth roots and the pain doesn’t go away after simple treatments, your dentist may offer you Dental Bonding (Dental Sealant). In this treatment, the tooth-coloured resin will be applied to your exposed tooth roots, it’s invisible and lasts between five and ten years. In more severe cases surgical gum grafts can be recommended.

Root canal treatment

If the pain comes from a particular tooth and other treatments don’t help a root canal can be an option. The treatment involves removing sensitive nerves from the tooth and is the only effective treatment if there are trauma or dental cracks.

Overall, there are plenty of treatments that can help tooth sensitivity. However, looking after your teeth, and controlling what you eat or drink, can prevent enamel erosion and, as a result, dental sensitivity. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day, use dental flossing and regularly visit your dentist

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