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Looking for a dentist that deals with teeth stains in Leicester? Thurmaston Dental can help. We offer a range of dental services to help bring the shine back to your teeth. This can be done by teeth whitening, scaling and polishing to remove the discolouration. Let Thurmaston Dental help bring back your natural white smile with the help of our dental team.

Stains or discolourations on the surface of the teeth can be caused by consuming dark beverages that affect the colour of your teeth. Smoking/chewing tobacco can also cause stains that can be unattractive. Braces can also cause a slight discolouration on your teeth if you didn’t clean your teeth thoroughly. At Thurmaston Dental, we offer laser teeth stain removal treatments that helps to bring your natural pearly white smile back. Our selection of dental stain removal and teeth whitening services help to remove stains for mild or severely stained/discoloured teeth.

Extrinsic Teeth Stains

Extrinsic teeth stains are caused by acidic or sugary foods, red wine, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and more. Poor oral hygiene is the main contributor to discolouration and stains in teeth. Plaque forms a layer over the teeth surface without regular hygiene practice and professional dental cleaning these stains will be visible.

teeth stain removal leicester
Teeth Stain Removal Leicester

Intrinsic Dental Stains

Intrinsic teeth stains appear, and brown or white streaks on the teeth, excessive amounts of fluoride can cause this. As enamel wears away, it erodes the teeth causing this discoloration. Tooth decay is a common cause of intrinsic and extrinsic reason for teeth stains. At Thurmaston Dental we assess the condition of each individual’s teeth and provide recommendation for stain removal treatment that will best suit your dental needs.

Why Choose Thurmaston Dental

As the leading dentists in Leicester, we have thousands of happy customers we provide high-quality dentistry. Below are just a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Specialist Dentists – Each of our dentists are specialists in their fields. This means after qualifying as a normal dentist; our team carry out a further five years of education in their chosen field.
  • Quality Dental Care – Whether you are looking for a routine check-up or other dental services we can help. Our team of dentists and hygiene specialists can offer you free, impartial advice. Let our team bring a healthy smile back to your face.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service – At Thurmaston Dental we understand patients may require dental services around the clock. Therefore, we have a dedicated contact line that offers emergency dental services.
  • Modern Technology – At Thurmaston Dental we have the latest advanced technology. Our commitment to patients is to provide high-quality service.

For further information on dental teeth stain removal in Leicester, get in touch via phone or email. We can offer you advice and book a consultation to assess your teeth and tell you more information on the teeth whitening services we provide.

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