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teeth stain removal leicester

One of the first things that most people notice when they meet is your smile according to what research has shown. To create a positive first impression, improve your image and get a more radiant and youthful appearance, you can rely on the relatively simpler and more accessible solution that is offered by Teeth whitening in Syston.

There are quite a number of factors that can lead to discoloured teeth. Some like smoking and consumption of staining foods and beverages can be avoided while others like ageing, hereditary factors and staining caused by medication cannot be avoided. At Thurmaston Dental we understand discoloured teeth and the repercussions that they can have on your image. With our teeth bleaching in Syston, we can quickly and easily help you reclaim your smile and self-confidence.

We have been offering teeth whitening services over a couple of years and it has quickly become on our most common and sort after services. Our process of teeth whitening is stress-free and harmless and helps to remove stains and lighten the colour of your teeth helping to achieve that enviable white smile you have always longed for. The procedure is relatively fast and there are no down times or healing times that are required to help you bring back the confidence in you and your smile.

There are different safe and effective methods for whiter teeth in Syston that are currently readily available and that you can try out today.

Tooth Whitening Services

One of the reliable tooth whitening methods in Syston is a professional home tooth whitening kit. The kit allows the treatment to be conducted at your home and a time that is ideal for you. However, the process of treatment has to be carried under the advice and assistance of your dental practitioner to ensure that you’re able to achieve maximum results from the kit.

Before the functioning of the kit, the dental practitioner has to first assess and determine if you’re suitable for treatment. Once you have been cleared for treatment, there will be impressions of your teeth that will be taken. Using these impressions, professional and high standard bespoke trays will be moulded and crafted. The precision used to make these mild will allow them to fit comfortably on your teeth.

Once the trays have been fitted, the user will then be given a clear explanation on how to properly use the whitening gel and how the trays should be placed on your teeth. To get the most from the kit, it is best to wear the trays for up to one hour once a day over the course of two weeks. However, the longevity of treatment will vary depending on your lifestyle and also the extent of staining. If you smoke or consume foods and beverages that are likely to stain teeth, the treatment will require more time for the best results. For more information on how you can get tooth whitening in Syston treatment, feel free to get in touch with Thurmaston Dental now.

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