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    • 21 AUG 15
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    “Thank you so much” from Lizzie Warner

    “Thank you so much” from Lizzie Warner

    Our principal Dr F Kaderbhai has generously supported Elizabeth Warner. Elizabeth (aka Lizzie) is the daughter of our long-standing patient Mr Mel Warner, she has recently been chosen to play for GB Archery. Lizzie was specially hand-picked from various elite and leading candidates that carried the same aspiration for Archery, Lizzie currently is reliant on funds to prosper the talent she possesses. As caring for the community, Dr Kaderbhai realised how dedicated and talented Lizzie is. She has the potential to take GB Archery to great lengths, and therefore Dr Kaderbhai decided to contribute to help aid her passion….Go Lizzie Go !!!

    “Thank you so much for the cheque that Dr Kaderbhai presented to me. It is wonderful that the dentist that I’ve been coming to ever since I was a baby is willing to support me in my archery. In the autumn I’m going to have to upgrade some of my equipment. These are quite costly so the money I’ve just received from you will be very useful in helping me to buy the high-quality equipment that I need to compete at international level. Again, thank you so much” (Lizzie Warner, Age 15)

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