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Smile Makeovers

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A new, beautiful smile is a great way to enhance your appearance and boost self-confidence.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a personalised dental treatment plan that is created by your dentist to improve the condition and aesthetics of your teeth. 

A smile makeover frequently delivers impressive results for whiter, straighter and more regular teeth with a smooth surface. A selection of treatments can be used to repair the damage, cracking or gaps for optimal oral health and a beautiful, healthy smile. 

What treatments can be used in a smile makeover?

Your dentist will create your tailor-made treatment programme following your initial consultation. Common smile makeover dental treatments include: 

Minor orthodontic treatment – to straighten teeth and improve crowding

Cosmetic bonding – repairing and re-shaping front teeth with an improved form and appearance

Teeth whitening – lightening the shade of teeth to brighten your smile

White fillings – to replace dark amalgam with virtually invisible natural-looking white fillings

Veneers – covering cracking and discolouration of front teeth

Crowns – improving the strength, function and aesthetics of your teeth

Bridges – replacing missing teeth with a conventional or adhesive dental bridge

Implants– replacing missing teeth with titanium inserts fused to the jaw and capped with a crown

Your dentist will advise you on optimal dental and oral health care to keep your new smile looking great.

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