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A Brief Guide to Dental Tools

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A Brief Guide to Dental Tools

Visiting the dentist can be a nerve-racking time for many individuals. The sound and appearance of many of those dental tools can be enough to put many a person off. However, once you understand what the tools are and their purposes you understand that they are not as scary as you first thought. Here at Thurmaston Dental we understand the anxiety visiting your local dentist can cause. That is why we have compiled a brief guide to dental tools to help put your mind at ease.

Dental Tools

Sickle probe – this can also be referred to as a dental explorer. It is effectively a sharp ended stick. It is used to probe the mouth for cavities, as well as scraping away tartar and plaque. Sickle probes can also be used to explore open cavities further.

Mouth mirror – the mouth mirror is a common tool used in dentistry. It is effectively a mirror on a stick. Its main purposes are threefold. It allows indirect vision for parts of the mouth that would be awkward to see otherwise. A mouth mirror can also be used to shine light on to areas of the mouth that may not be illuminated otherwise. It is also an important tool in allowing the dentist to manoeuvre soft tissue parts such as the tongue or cheeks without having to use their hands.

Dental scale – this is the tool dentists use to scrape off plaque and tartar from a patient’s teeth. It is effectively a stick with a curved blade at the end. It is useful in preventing tooth decay by removing the build-up of bacteria from a patient’s teeth.

Dental syringe – this is used by dentists to administer an anaesthetic injection. This will allow the dentist to perform a range of procedures without causing pain to the patient. The injection itself does not hurt and will save pain in the long run.

Dental drill – this is a handheld electrical instrument used in a variety of dental procedures. It is useful in a variety of exercises such as removing decay and polishing fillings.

Dental suction device – this device is used to collect blood, saliva and other materials generated during a dental procedure. It is also useful in preventing spray and spatter. This is crucial in maintaining a clean workplace and ensuring the dentist can see what they are doing.

Dental molds – this gives an impression of the patient’s teeth and soft tissue such as the tongue. This will then allow a cast to be formed. These are especially useful when considering visiting your local Orthodontist.

Dental Apparatus

This is just a brief guide to dental tools and there are more apparatus that are used in dental treatment. We have provided a few basic descriptions to put one’s mind at ease when it comes to dental treatment. Thurmaston Dental strives to ensure our patients receive a stress free and relaxed treatment from start to finish. Get in contact today to see what we can offer you.

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