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Benefits of using Private Dentist

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Benefits of using Private Dentist

NHS Dentistry vs Private Dentistry

The big question when it comes to dental care is: Is going to a private dentist worth it? And the answer to that is yes! Here at Thurmaston Dental, it isn’t just NHS patients that we cater for, we also offer private dentist services and we would like to list the benefits of becoming a private client. There are many different benefits and disadvantages to having NHS dental care and being a private patient.

1. Having a wider selection of treatments
When you go to a Private Dentist and become a private dental patient you have a wider choice of various dental treatments and aren’t limited to what is available on the NHS, for example, teeth whitening isn’t available on the NHS as it is to do with aesthetics.

2. Focus on giving the best
As a private dentist, there is no worry regarding funding, which means we put all of our time and money into giving high-quality treatments, getting up-to-date equipment and focusing on giving the best for all patients which means no cutting corners.

3. Appointment Times
As a private patient, you will have access to a better timetable and skip some waiting times that occur if you are with the NHS. With our longer appointment times, they aren’t rushed and our friendly team are willing to talk you through treatments thoroughly. We can even have a chat about how to make you feel more comfortable during your treatment.

4. Costs
As you might know, going private with your dental care is generally more expensive than on the NHS. However, if you have treatment through the NHS unexpected costs can arise. The NHS has a three-band price structure but won’t show the hidden extras. When paying for the private dental care you are paying for a better service, you are guaranteed a thorough treatment even if it is just a hygienist trip. Your payments also contribute to the cutting-edge technology that goes into better treatments.

5. Emergencies
If you have an emergency dental situation then it is best to go straight to a Private Dentist, and on the NHS there are still waiting lists for an emergency.

Our NHS Patients

• We do not cut corners with our NHS patients, we do the best we can in the time slots given and can provide the treatments that are available on the NHS.
• Treatments that are on the NHS are designed to be as cost-effective as possible for you, this means more cost-effective materials and equipment are used.
• Appointment availability can be limited at times due to the majority of NHS patients.
• If you are an NHS patient we have to follow government guidelines for recalling patients, check-ups and cleans can’t be as often as you would like.


NHS Dentist Pros:
• Small fixed payment.
• After treatment, if you need to go back within two months it will be included in your cost.

NHS Dentist Cons:
• Lacks availability.
• Limited treatment.
• Due to time restraints, you might not be able to get preventative treatment.

Private Dentist Pros:
• A variety of treatments available.
• More time can be spent with your dentist.
• Private dentist help prevents further issues.
• Finance options available.

Private Dentist: Cons
• Can be more expensive.
• No treatment is given free, unlike the NHS.

Here at Thurmaston Dental, we outline your plan from day one so that you exactly what you will be paying for and when you will be paying for them. If you decide that your current NHS service isn’t providing you with the quality you want then get in touch with our team here at Thurmaston Dental. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding our private dental services.

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