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Does A Child Need To See The Orthodontist?

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At What Age Should A Child See The Orthodontist?

It’s only natural to worry about your children’s health. We try to keep them active, on a healthy diet and take them to a doctor as soon as there’s any sign of a problem. However, not many of us remember that visiting the orthodontist is also very important for young children. Often, we wait until they become teens, which is not ideal. Seven years of age is agreed to be an optimal age for the first orthodontist’s appointment. Thurmaston Dental has prepared this post to explain why it is so. 

The Reason Children Should Have an Orthodontist’s Appointment

There are plenty of reasons children need to visit the orthodontist at such an early age. Around seven years old most children haven’t grown many adult teeth, so it enables the orthodontist to observe which way the adult teeth grow. In addition, these appointments help monitor law and bite development and foresee any potential problems and complications. The earlier the treatment plan is chosen, the easier it is to avoid orthodontic issues.

What Will Happen During Your First Visit

When you arrive at the orthodontist, you will follow to a room where the orthodontist will do the exam. Visiting the orthodontist doesn’t mean that your child will need treatment. However, if they do, it is a relatively mild treatment. It can include braces on the front teeth, a palatal expander, and a retainer, separately or together. Sometimes that is the only time when your child needs orthodontic treatment. Then re-evaluation will follow in about six to twelve months since the orthodontist needs to see how well the treatment works and whether a child will need braces later in the teen years.

How Painful Are Braces For Kids?

If your child needs braces or another orthodontic treatment, you should remember that it can be an uncomfortable and sore experience. It feels unpleasant and disturbing because of the changes in blood flow when the teeth are under pressure, as well as the body’s inflammatory response. Therefore, it’s important to remember different pain-relief options, including over-the-counter pain medication, soft food, and salt water.

How Much Does The Orthodontic Consultation Cost?

Each orthodontic treatment is unique as they are customised to the needs of your smile. However, our orthodontic consultation costs a fixed price – ÂŁ40. Thurmaston Dental supports a transparent pricing policy, therefore you can find out more about our dental fees here. Our fees are competitively set and offer great value for money to our patients.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment at Thurmaston Dental, please call or contact us today.

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