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The Story of The Tooth Fairy – The Importance of Brushing Your Teeth

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The Story of The Tooth Fairy – The Importance of Brushing Your Teeth

Around the age of 3 – 4 years old, children will generally start to feel the front two bottom or the front two top teeth become loose.  Occasionally this can happen earlier or later, but the average if 3 – 4.

It can then take anything from a few weeks to a couple of months for the tooth to finally fall out, whether that is naturally or with a bit of help. That bit of help coming in the form of biting into an apple, not the horror stories of grandparents tying teeth to door knobs and slamming them shut!

Once the tooth is out, tooth fairy lore states that your child should put the tooth under their pillow (these days there are many fancy tooth pillows with pockets in, or zip locks to keep the tooth safe).

During the night, and only when you are fast asleep, the tooth fairy will visit, collect the tooth and then leave you a coin in its place as a thank you.

The tooth fairy will then take the tooth back to tooth fairy land where she will use the tooth.

How Does She Use Your Tooth?

Legend has it that teeth are used in the same way that we use bricks here, for building our homes and castles. Over in tooth fairy land the houses and castles are all made from perfect sparkling white teeth.

However, if you don’t brush your teeth and they turn yellow then the tooth fairy won’t come for it as it can’t be used to build houses. The yellow tooth will either be left under your pillow never to be collected or it will be taken away and then put in the bin.

In some cases we have known the tooth fairy to write letters to children and thank them for their tooth, and to let them know where their tooth is being used.

How Can I Make Sure The Tooth Fairy Uses My Tooth?

A broken tooth

A Perfect Tooth

You should brush for two minutes twice a day, usually in the morning when you have woken up and night time before bed. Remember, a good tooth not only gets used in tooth fairy land but it also means you get a coin in return.

How Many Tooth Fairies Are There?

There are so many children in the world, and billions of teeth so it is no surprise that there is more than one tooth fairy. In tooth fairy land there are thousands of fairies who get given the job of flying to your house in the night to collect your tooth.

Once you lose your first tooth, you usually get the same fairy visit each time you lose a tooth though.

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