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Top 5 Uses for your old toothbrush

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Top 5 Uses for your old toothbrush

Up and down the UK many people will look at their toothbrush bristles and think it’s time to chuck this out, but wait, have your ever thought of how useful that toothbrush could be in your life? Here at Thurmaston Dental, we have listed the top 5 uses for your old toothbrush.

Here at Thurmaston Dental, we urge you to change your toothbrush or toothbrush head on an electrical toothbrush every three months. Toothbrushes carry a lot of bacteria and to stop that spreading it is important to have fresh bristles cleaning your teeth effectively; otherwise, it could harm your oral health. But before throwing your old toothbrush out, save it! It can become very handy…

Nail brush
Whether you have been doing a spot of gardening or changing the chain on a bike, your hands and nails can go through a lot. Why not turn your old toothbrush into a nail cleaner? Get rid of the dirt under your nails leaving them squeaky clean.

Removing Grout
Over time you might notice in your bathroom looking a little dull, your grout and tiles might be growing a little mould due to the moisture in the air. A perfect way to get up close and clean them is using a toothbrush. They are a perfect size! It will leave your bathroom looking brand new and clean.

Getting in nooks and crannies
If you have got dirt and grime that you just can’t reach, then a toothbrush can be a perfect solution to get into the nooks and crannies, for example, to give your car that extra clean or cleaning hard to reach areas on a bike.

Cleaning your Office Keyboard
Taking a toothbrush to work might not be the norm, but you won’t believe the benefit it will give you when it comes to cleaning your desk. If you look down at your keyboard and it looks like it needs a clean, clean it with a toothbrush! It is ideal for the spaces in between each key.

Shoe cleaners
When you get muddy shoes, they might start to look grubby, so when you clean them use a toothbrush get the fine details back such as stitching. Your shoes will be looking brand new in no time with no specks of mud on them.

Old toothbrushes can be used as paintbrushes for young children to create artistic masterpieces. The bristles can create different textures and different brushstrokes.

Looking to book an appointment or want more information regarding the services we provide here at Thurmaston Dental? Get in touch with our friendly team today! Our range of services includes teeth whitening and same day crowns among many other services. We always try and give our patients helpful tips as and when we can such as diet tips like our blog of how to cut down on sugar or tips on getting rid of your dentist anxiety.

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