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    • 08 NOV 17
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    What is good oral hygiene?

    What is good oral hygiene?

    As dentists in Leicester, we see many cases of bad oral health. Having good oral hygiene means you will have a mouth that looks clean and healthy breath.

    When you achieve healthy oral hygiene you will notice that your teeth are clean, free of plaque and debris, gums should be pink and not hurt when flossing or bleed. Bad breath should be a constant problem.

    How to achieve good oral hygiene

    Maintaining a good oral hygiene is important to avoid any problems in the future. There are a few steps you can take to maintain good oral hygiene.

    • First of all, brushing your teeth twice a day is highly important in keeping your teeth healthy; it removes any food that has been consumed during the day. Having an electric toothbrush is also important in getting your teeth thoroughly clean.

    • Flossing is also important in keeping your teeth healthy as it reaches areas that can’t be reached by your toothbrush. When you begin flossing you may find your gums will bleed if you continue to floss your gums shouldn’t bleed anymore if you do speak to your doctor.

    • Make sure your dental products contain fluoride including your toothpaste and mouthwash. Fluoride is important for our teeth because the outer layer of tooth can lose minerals due to the bacteria found in plaque, fluoride helps prevent this.

    • If you have a balanced diet and limit your snack intake between your meals you are more like to have healthy teeth. Eating sugary snacks is not only unhealthy for your diet but is also bad for your teeth, obviously cleaning your teeth helps, however, the duration between having the snack and brushing your teeth at night can be long enough for damage to occur.

    Following these simple steps, you will be on your way to having good oral hygiene. If you experience persistent bad breath, pain or constant bleeding after brushing or flossing then you may have a dental issue that needs seeing to if this does occur get in touch with Thurmaston Dental today to make an appointment and our dentists will be able to help. We will be able to point out any areas where you should take extra care and attention when cleaning, we will also give you tips on how to clean your teeth when you have braces. Having regular visits to the dentist will help prevent future problems. Healthy teeth enable you to smile, eat and talk.

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