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Cosmetic Dentistry Leicester

Looking for cosmetic dentistry in Leicester? At Thurmaston Dental we provide a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments to help enhance the appearance of your teeth and help to bring a smile to your face. We provide a wide range of dental treatments; services we offer include teeth whitening, veneers, teeth straightening, implants and much more. These cosmetic treatments have grown rapidly in popularity; increasing numbers of people see the importance in having picture perfect teeth.

Leading Cosmetic Dentists in Leicestershire

We have a team of leading cosmetic dentists covering Leicestershire and surrounding areas, with years of experience. We use only the latest technology, allowing us to carry out dental checks to high standards. We are regularly investing in new technology and investing in our staff enabling us to be the leading dentists in Leicester. Let us bring a radiant smile to your face with the help of our specialist dentists.

There are a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer. Whatever the issue we are happy to help, below is a list of a few dentistry treatments we offer:

Veneers – We use the latest technology to develop ultra-thin shells of enamel-like porcelain. Hide any teeth imperfections you may have, chipped teeth, short teeth, gaps between teeth and stain teeth are no more with our veneer treatment.

Implants – Having missing teeth can be a confidence-sapping, replace your missing teeth with the help of artificial teeth that cover gaps. Not only do they look real, but they also are comfortable to have fitted.

Braces – Having crooked teeth that are not straight can really kick ones confidence. At Thurmaston Dental we offer a wide range of teeth straightening treatments that allow you to bring a smile to your face. If you have overcrowded teeth or teeth that not aligning then get in touch with Thurmaston Dental and see how we can help you with your teeth.

Crowns – Dental crowns are a caps that are made to measure and placed over badly damaged teeth that are decaying. They can be made from metal or porcelain and fit perfectly over a tooth stopping food and other dirt from entering and further decay the tooth.

Bridges – Bridges are a range of crowns joined to cover or close a space left by a missing tooth. They are specially designed to be fitted in place for every-day comfort.

Fillings – Looking for white fillings to provide a healthier more natural looking smile? If so, white fillings are for you. Traditional silver fillings can look ugly; let Thurmaston Dental help you with the latest white fillings we offer.

Dentures – Commonly known are fake teeth, they are an option used to replace a large number of missing teeth. We provide them as full sets or parts sets, depending on your requirements. They make eating easier and stop muscles from sagging.

For more information on Cosmetic Dentistry we offer here at Thurmaston Dental, get in touch with our team on 0116 260 2515

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Cosmetic Dentistry

The treatment was very simple and straight forward. The dentist was great in explaining all the procedures. I was very reassured and relaxed

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